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Explore the sport perfectly suited for you!


For both girls and boys, young and old, this team sport offers a great opportunity to make friends and enjoy the outdoors. You don't require complex equipment or the status of a seasoned athlete. If you're eager to give it a shot, learn some new tricks, and play on our stunning lakeside field, we would be delighted to extend an invitation to you for a trial session/meeting to give it a try.

Juniors: Programme
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Photos by Denis Balibouse

Come and discover field hockey!

Come and discover a sport that has it all. It is open to girls and boys from 5 years old. It is played outdoors, by the lake, and in a hall in winter.

It doesn't have to be big and it's not violent. The atmosphere is family. In addition, the equipment is quite light: shoes, a cane, and shin guards.

Field hockey is also affordable: between 180 and 300.- per year depending on your age, with 1 or 2 training sessions per week and matches on weekends. So you're coming?

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We welcome your children to our club from the age of 5. They join the U8 team, which includes children up to the age of 8. This age group is all about having fun on the pitch, learning to handle the stick, and playing as part of a team. The U8s take part in friendly tournaments organized by clubs in the region, which are held in a relaxed atmosphere 3 vs 3.

> Coach: Kim Sum  & Inés Gimeno
> Team manager: David von Ritter
> Training sessions: Wednesday 4.30 pm to 6.15 pm

Juniors: Programme
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The U10 juniors train and play in mixed teams. The teams take part in tournaments organized by clubs in the region and play 6 v 6 matches on a quarter of a pitch with a real goalkeeper.

> Coach: Richard Tattershaw & Véronique Van Nunen
> Team manager: Valérie Mebold
> Training sessions: Wednesdays 4.30 pm-6.15 pm
and optionnal Thursdays with U12

Juniors: Programme

Phots taken by Denis Balibouse


Juniors: Programme

The U12 juniors play 7 v 7 matches on a half-court at tournaments organized by clubs in the region. In this age group, girls and boys are starting to play in separate teams, although training sessions are still mixed.

> Coach: Jessy Imhof & Aidan Hankins
> Team manager: Maria Hererro
> Training sessions: Wednesdays 4.30 pm-6.15 pm and Thursdays 5.30 pm-7 pm.



The U15 team plays in the regional U15 Challenge and elite competition. Girls and boys train together. Tournaments are organized by the region's clubs in a 9 v 9 in 3/4 court format.

> Coaches: Tito Eltanahy & Richard Tattershaw
> U15 Team Manager: Britta Warner
Training sessions: Wednesday and Thursday

                            6 -7.45 pm 

Juniors: Programme


Our U18 players take part in the U18 Elite competition organized by Swiss Hockey. Boys can also train with the men's team and girls with the women's team.

> Coach: Gijs Perdijk
> Team managers: Laurence Racine
Training sessions: Tuesdays and Fridays, 6 - 7.45 pm


Juniors: Programme
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Registration at the Stade Lausanne field hockey

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