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Hommes: Programme


The first team plays in the national competition (LNA) organized by Swiss Hockey. It is essentially made up of young players from the junior movement, a few experienced former "stadistes" as well as foreign players who are students at the University or EPFL.
> Coaches:Hugo Lessert AndPascal Marmy
> Training: Tuesday 8-10 p.m., Thursday 8-10 p.m.
> Match schedule and results:Swiss Hockey

Hommes: Programme


The second team plays in the 1st league competition organized by Swiss Hockey. It is made up of a mix of juniors and seniors and thus forms an ideal springboard for young people who wish to join the first team. The passage between the two men's teams is thus done in a harmonious way.

> Team manager:Jerome Since

> Training: Thursday 8-10 p.m.

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Hommes: Programme


Any good self-respecting club has a team of veterans in its ranks! It's done at the Stadium, since this team has existed for many years. Composed of "young" veterans, it benefits from the support of former Swiss internationals who profile it as the team to beat in the veterans' championship!

In addition, the training sessions of the veteran team are open to those who want to practice hockey in a leisure atmosphere.

> Manager: Pascal Marmy
> dues: U18 it is 280.-
> Training: Thursday 8-10 p.m. (recreational hockey)

Hommes: Programme
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